Why is Functional Breathing so Important for Sport?

Apr 6, 2022 | Blog

When we play sport, whether it’s in a team or on our own, how we breathe before during and afterwards is vital for performance.

I’m not just referring to the importance of warming up muscles – we all understand how important that is!

How often do we think about including breathing exercises in the warm up and what’s special about them?

More importantly, what’s the correct technique? What can you do to enhance your performance as you play?

The key is to optimize oxygen delivery to the tissues and there are targeted ways to do this.

By increasing oxygen delivery and paying attention to the biomechanics of breathing we minimize the likelihood of injury.

It’s not just about taking big deep breaths or even tiny little ones. Correct technique is what’s important here.

To practise the technique it helps to understand the science behind it all…

Then there’s the recovery. That’s so important because it means we will come back for more!

Understanding the importance of Functional Breathing in Sport will catapult your fitness and therefore performance into another dimension.

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