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Learn How To Sleep Better, Have More Energy And Feel Calmer Through Breathing Re-Education With Breathe Light!


Breathe through the nose at all times even when wearing a mask!

The nose warms, filters and moistens incoming air.
It has been demonstrated that the Nitric Oxide produced in the paranasal sinuses may also help to reduce respiratory tract infection.



Humming for 5-7 minutes daily increases Nitric Oxide by 15-20 times.

About Breathe Light

Empower Your Life With Functional Breathing

I am an Internationally Certified Buteyko Breathing Instructor who is also a former nurse and midwife with a Bachelor of Science Degree located in Perth, Western Australia.

As a Health professional, when I was impacted by a series of life events I tried everything to get my health back. Once I discovered and began to harness the power of the breath, things improved quickly and dramatically. My vision is to share this knowledge with people who need it and to empower them to take control of their health and their lives.

I offer professional, friendly and compassionate service to my clients in a variety of settings. Breathing re-education has the potential to reduce symptoms which are directly related to dysfunctional breathing patterns.

I also have access to an international collective of practitioners across a range of disciplines (International Buteyko Practitioners).

Belinda Johns - Breathe Light - Perth


Less is More

Very few if any of us take the time to stop and think about how we’re breathing. I know I didn’t until recently. Perhaps in a yoga class or during a mediation we do but what about the rest of the 25,000 times we do it every single day?

Because… how we breathe during the day effects how we breathe when we sleep and this impacts our whole lives!

But we don’t think about it – we just breathe! The question is – are we maximising the breath?

The general advice when anyone’s stressed and under pressure is “take a big breath”. We believe this will calm us down. But actually it doesn’t work that way and if we continue to take big breaths, we very quickly start depriving the brain of oxygen, we feel worse and it’s a downward spiral…

Overbreathing or Hyperventilation Syndrome was first named in the 1920’s when soldiers who returned from the war, (suffering what we now call PTSD) were observed to be over- breathing. In its simplest form, it is defined as breathing too fast and taking in too much air for our metabolic needs.

Today with all the stresses and complexities of life many of us overbreathe. It’s now considered a type of breathing pattern disorder and has been linked to all kinds of chronic diseases.

Our challenge is to learn to breathe differently.

When it comes to the breath, Less is More!

Belinda Johns - Breathe Light - Perth


Respiratory Conditions

Asthma affects more than 10% of Australians of all ages and can lead to a reduced quality of life as it may impact sleep, mood and energy levels.

Together with essential asthma medication, breathing re-education has the potential to significantly reduce symptoms thus improving health and quality of life.

Rhinitis is suffered by approximately 20% of Austalians and is caused by the common cold or seasonal allergies. 

Learn simple techniques to help reduce symptoms with breathing re-education at Breathe Light.


Sleep problems effect many people. Snoring, insomnia and sleep apnoea all have many facets and has been linked to conditions such as heart disease. Treatment often requires a combination of therapies.

Breathing re-education has the potential to reduce symptoms and should be practised in conjunction with medically directed treatments and good sleep hygiene.

Mental Health

Stress, Anxiety and Panic Disorder are complex conditions. Commonly sufferers report feelings of breathlessness and also fear of suffocation.

At Breathe Light learn techniques which may assist in balancing the autonomic nervous system and reduce the severity or duration of symptoms.


Women are a unique group when it comes to breathing and are highly vulnerable to conditions such as insomnia, fibromyalgia and more. Science has established a connection between female hormones and breathing pattern disorders.

Breathing re-education may significantly improve the health and lives of women.


Diabetes is a serious and complex disease. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest functional breathing may improve the health of sufferers.

Breathing re-education in combination with essential medication has the potential to improve blood glucose control and long term health and well-being.



I offer one-on-one consultations online via Zoom where your specific issues can be addressed in a calming and confidential manner

Initial Consultation 60 minutes, Follow up consultations 45 minutes.


  • Initial Consultation: $130 Adult
  • Subsequent Consultation: $85 Adult

1-2 sessions for generally healthy clients.

3-5 sessions for clients with health conditions and on CPAP.

Please contact me to discuss options for children.

Belinda Johns - Breathe Light - Perth

Workshops and Presentations

I offer group workshops with topics tailored to the needs of the group. Fees variable depending upon size and complexity of workshop.

Online Courses

Over the coming months, I will be running online courses which will provide you the opportunity to participate in a group format.

Zoom Consultations

Consultations are available on Zoom.

Personalised Breathing Re-education Maintenance Programs

Re-affirm your goals and refresh your knowledge! Online at times to suit your schedule. Over 15% discount on regular consultation fee.


  • 3 months (6 sessions) – 45 minutes – $85/session or $430 advance payment
  • 3 months (3 sessions) – 45 minutes – $85/session or $215 advance payment

Please drop me a line via “Contact Us” in regard to any of our services and we can discuss the details.


Client Feedback

Belinda has helped me to discover a whole new way of breathing that has changed my life in many ways. I was suffering from poor sleep due to bad snoring which had developed into sleep apnoea and I would wake up gasping for breath or coughing uncontrollably almost nightly.

I was also finding myself short of breath, particularly when exercising but sometimes after very little exertion. It has totally revolutionised everything I thought I knew about the breathing techniques that I had learned at various gyms, yoga and pilates classes. I now breathe through my nose every night and take my daily walk breathing through my nose. I have also incorporated some of this into my lap swimming. I have so much more energy today and an overall feeling of well- being since starting the program and highly recommend it to everyone.

Chris, 72yrs

I was experiencing shortness of breath brought on by mild anxiety, a condition which was incredibly frustrating and distracting while trying to perform my duties in my high-pressure job. Belinda’s breathing exercises have reduced the frequency and severity of this occurring – something that has given me immense relief.

The nose unblocking exercise is an absolute revelation! I am sleeping better at night, and have found I have greater lung capacity during intense exercise. Next year I am planning to compete in a marathon for the first time. Thanks Belinda!

Andy, 38yrs

I can’t thank Belinda enough for helping me learn how to breathe better! Most importantly my sleeping has improved, I don’t wake up exhausted every day and I feel calmer. I’ve suffered from allergies all my life. My symptoms of stuffy nose, blocked sinuses and chronic coughing have been debilitating even with medication. I’ve recently been under a lot of stress and not sleeping well. On top of that I have developed high blood pressure and started snoring.

I was so lucky to discover that Belinda was available to encourage and guide me. In a few sessions she set up a programme of exercises for me, taking into consideration my existing health problems. After working with Belinda and doing the exercises for a short time my sleeping has improved dramatically. I’m falling asleep easily and my snoring is negligible. Despite my allergies I haven’t had a blocked nose since I started the nose unblocking exercises.

My blood pressure is back to normal …. with a low dose of medication which may be further reduced.

Cheryl, 70yrs

I know from so many times in my life, just how breathlessness feels. I feel blessed you’ve shown me the Buteyko “LIGHT”! I use it between swimming laps of the pool, when I can feel wheeze in the bronchi is causing me breathlessness ….. I stop in the shallow end and do the swaying nose hold for maybe 30 secs and get relief immediately. Wonderful! Then I can go back to my laps, with the wheeze gone….

Swimming is SO good for freeing my breathing and eliminating breathlessness – which is something I’ve grown so used to, I hardly realize it.

So thank you for bringing my breathing into my awareness again…. But especially reviving the Buteyko techniques I learned 27 years ago. They really work!

Bernadette, 65yrs,asthma sufferer

I was looking for someone to teach me breathing techniques to help with my stress, general health and feel more comfortable wearing a mask.

Belinda is a great teacher. Her knowledge, professionality, personability made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

The practice in session gave me the confidence to try at home and her handouts were easy to follow. Belinda was comprehensive, encouraging and motivating in her follow up, even sharing relevant research articles, which was great for me as a psychologist.

I would definitely recommend Belinda to my clients without hesitation.

N.S., 50yrs

I have been a runner for the past 50 years and rarely a day goes by without me covering my mandatory 10km in the mornings.

Since learning about the importance of functional, healthy breathing, my running and recovery have improved immensely. Despite suffering with nasal polyps, I have been able to easily modify my technique so that I am now maximising the breath during running.

Belinda has shared her expertise with me and her knowledge and education have helped improve not only my running but also my sleep and my overall health.

Thank you Belinda!

Robert, 64yrs

I am 78 and had asthma as a child and for over 40 years.

I heard about Buteyko breathing which was strongly recommended to me, but I “never got around to it.” I have sleep apnoea, am on a CPAP machine and have Type 2 Diabetes.

I was fascinated when Belinda spoke about her Breathe Light business, and soon my wife and I both did 10 Zoom hourly sessions with her. It has been immensely successful for me, and I can only say briefly that I believe it has come just in time because perhaps another year it may have been too late and my breathing could have deteriorated further.

I need more practice and I will be returning for refresher sessions, because Belinda is so professional and accommodating to what a person really needs with regard to their breathing, which is so important.

Ross, 78yrs


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