Why do a Breathing Re-education Refresher Program?

May 9, 2022 | Blog

Dysfunctional breathing is generally not something that happens overnight. It’s the result of a series of poor breathing habits which develop over time.

Perhaps as a child you had recurrent tonsillitis and had your tonsils surgically removed. Before surgery you had likely become a “mouth breather”. Following surgery when you could easily have returned to nasal breathing, nobody knew the importance of telling your parents about this. So you continued to breathe through your mouth and hence your breathing became dysfunctional .Dysfunctional breathing “begets” dysfunctional breathing and if you carried on in ignorance breathing through your mouth you may have begun to suffer some of the consequences that we now know are linked to mouth breathing.

The first and most important of these is poor sleep and this is implicated in a series of conditions including sleep apnea, fatigue, anxiety and ADHD. It’s also likely you suffered rhinitis and hay fever regularly and you may even have developed asthma.

Then you heard about breathing re-education…

You did a series of Breathe Light consultations or attended a workshop or one of my online courses.
Your life changed! Better sleep, more energy, less anxiety, improved concentration, less colds and flu and generally better health.
You practised what you’d learnt with fervor and your life changed. You were so excited by this that you told everyone you knew!

Then…things got very busy. You kept up with trying to breathe through your nose at all times, night and day but you couldn’t quite recall just why it was so important. You forgot to check in on the recommended exercises on the client treatment plan and over time you told yourself you were just too busy for all of this…

Or…you got sick and really needed to feel better and remembered that the breath is the key to everything!

This is why I’ve created The Breathe Light Personalised Re-education and Maintenance Programs.

This is where I meet with you 1:1 again and we re-affirm your goals, refresh your knowledge and tailor a plan to suit your lifestyle. The program is competitively priced and available online at times to suit your schedule.
Check out the details here.