What Can I do to Improve Sleep?

Jun 10, 2022 | Blog

A lot of people think that they’ve tried everything to improve their sleep but – it is what it is and it probably won’t get much better than this…

Well, that’s how I used to think. I tried everything and I mean everything! One winter many years ago after reading a book about circadian rhythms and going to bed when the sun goes down – I tried that. Well, I certainly did feel rested, but it really didn’t work well going to bed at 6pm every night!

So, then I started reading books about sleep. After each book I thought – yes, this is the answer! But of course, it wasn’t, which is why I read so many!

Then I decided it was all in my mind and so I really should try mediation in a big way. That certainly helped my state of mind but still a good refreshing night’s sleep eluded me.

Finally, I started doing sleep courses. At one course we practiced sleep and I managed to fall asleep on a mat on the floor amongst a room full of other insomniac hopefuls at 11am in the morning which was unheard of! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to translate this into falling asleep easily at night.

Fast forward one decade and then a series of major life events happened to and around me. This only increased my sleep problems. We know that consistent poor sleep can lead to health problems and this happened to me.

Like many insomniacs I was forced to modify my lifestyle to cope with the side effects of poor sleep. I felt completely powerless over this aspect of my life.

Then one day I picked up a book about breathing. There was a lot of information about how breathing effects sleep. I consumed this book in what was probably world record time!

I started to experiment with the techniques and immediately experienced an improvement in my sleep and in my health. I was hooked! Things continue to improve and I sleep very well now.

I became fascinated with breathing techniques and that compelled me to study for certification as a breathing re-education instructor.

Now I understand why I was such a poor sleeper for all those years. There is a solution and it is as simple as learning to breathe the way I was born to…